Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vinyl Records Making a Comeback in The Ozarks

It's the awakening of an era for music lovers. Vinyl records are coming back and gaining popularity in the Ozarks.

"I never thought we'd come back to vinyl ever." says Michael Vincent, owner of CD Warehouse. "I brought in 50 pieces to test it and it immediately went crazy."

Vinyl records are hitting store shelves in the Ozarks.

"What I see are people picking Frampton Comes Alive, Kiss, Aerosmith. They never thought the music they listened to when they were kids would be popular with kids now." says Vincent.

"The production of these is so much more imaginative" says Tom Muetzel.

Muetzel, who works for KOLR 10 and owns South Avenue Pizza Company, says the majority of music played in his eatery is from this turn table.

"Once I started bringing things in all of a sudden, it had a snowball affect from curiosity from different people, so we rotate the records we have here." says Muetzel.

And vinyl is so popular at South Avenue Pizza, with customers, that it actually has it's own night.

"It just got to be a neighborhood things where you would grab up favorite records and come down and hang out and have a beer and listen to music." says Muetzel.

While the iPod is a handy portable way to carry your music, Muetzel likes the spin vinyl records brings to the table.

"They came with posters they came books they came with picture disks a lot more imagination." says Muetzel.

"Goes to show you, a good song will last the test of time." says Vincent.

Prices for vinyls today can range from $9.99 to $25.00.

[Ozarks First]

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