Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blotter Barn gives me flashbacks

Artist and LSD blotter art archivist Mark McCloud, in collaboration with digital artist/publisher Dana Smith present Blotter Barn, a series of archival, fine art digital prints derived from Mark McCloud's infamous blotter art collection called the Institute of Illegal Images. Each image is a photographic enlargement of a selected item from the collection, and depicts that item in forensic detail, revealing tiny elements that are normally invisible to the human eye. All images are issued as a Blotter Barn exclusive limited edition of 50 prints, signed and numbered by artist, Mark McCloud, and further authenticated by the presence of the 'Blotter Barn' and 'Dana Dana Dana' embossed impressions on either lower corner.

Each photo will cost you at least $1000 (smaller "personal" versions are available for $120 each).

Do not attempt to lick your photo... or your computer monitor.

Check out Blotter Barn for many more images.

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