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IPJ - iPhone / iPodTouch Jockey DJ Apps

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IPJ iPhone Jockey: DJ application for digital DJing

The iPJ iPhone Application is an innovative DJ application for digital DJing with Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

NewForstar, software startup based out of the University of Tsukuba Japan announces their first entertainment software iPJ iPod Jocky. This unique DJing application is for the iPhone and iPod touch, as it pioneers the way for iPhone DJing software. iPJ allows casual and professional DJs to rock dance parties without constraints of cumbersome equipment or heavy records.

NewForstar feels they are creating a product that is meant to innovate and not replace traditional DJ equipment. The appeal of iPJ comes from its extremely portable and new age grasp on technology in the DJ realm. The normal DJ experience is a tiresome chore of lugging around cumbersome, expensive equipment followed by tugging a library of heavy vinyl. iPJ easily lightens the load of the DJ to a combination of two pocket size iPhones or iPod Touches (iTouch) loaded with an expanded digital music library. Having one iPJ enabled iPhone expands the DJs track selection beyond the reach of vinyl or CDs.

The evolution of iPJ follows true to that of the technological DJing timeline. From the adoption of the Jukebox, vinyl turntables and most recent - CDJs; iPJ can certainly speak for itself as it has secured its future placement in DJing history. iPJ enables the iPhone to emulate CDJ functions used by professional DJ\’s in night clubs. iPJ expands the DJ expression using the accelerometer to add shake sound samples. X, y, and z movements crates sounds and special illuminations effects for the night club as an experiment for performance DJing.

iPJ incorporates an easy to use attractive touch screen interface featuring: cueing, pitch control ( -16%), BPM tap-counter, pause / play, next, previous, jog disc seek, jog disc, effects filter, looping IPJ allows syncing with iTunes plug-in via Wi-Fi with free download iPJ_Sync. iPJ is currently available from the Apple App store.

::: Products :::

IPJ-R01 - 雷神'RAIJIN' model
IPJ-F01 - 風神'FUJIN' model

::: Functions :::

Play Time: In top display shows current remaining track time (time is displayed in "Frame" 1/75 seconds).

Tap Counter: BPM (Beats Per Minute) can be measured by tapping jog-dial center.

BPM Counter: (Beats Per Minute) displays BPMs (measured with the Tap-Counter)

Jog-Dial: Search-Mode look for CUE point by using the Jog-Dial in 1/100 sec units (looped interval) When in the Scratch-Mode you can real time scratch.

CUE: Paused track point is recorded in CUE, hit CUE to easily return to the recorded CUE point, from play and pause.

Track Selection and Seek: Next/Fast-forward, Back/Rewind select track from library and advanced or reverse through track time line.

PLAY/PAUSE: Play and stop selected track.

Pitch Control: You can change the music speed (Pitch) with slider control. BPM indication adjust with this Pitch Fader (Pitch Shift is +-16%).

::: Virtual Scratch :::

You can real time scrath on virtual

::: Shake Sampler :::

You can get FX sounds by shaking device. Sound varies according to the direction of the accelerration.

::: About RAIJIN & FUJIN :::

In Japanese mythology...

"RAIJIN"(雷祁E is a god of thunder and lightning.
"FUJIN" (風祁E is a god of the wind.

Our design is inspired by the art and mythology of Japan. In Japanese art, these deities are often depicted as a pair. In this fashion we created the 2 IPJ models together as Raijin and Fujin.

"RAIJIN" & "FUJ0IN" versions are unique in the user interface styling. You can select the version to fit with your DJ style!


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