Monday, December 15, 2008

Robots to Take Over DJ Industry

Like a scene from Westworld, robots are taking over the world and here's video proof that the DJ industry is one of the early targets where humans will be replaced.

I hope all my DJ friends know how to flip burgers.

juke_bots are a German experiment using Kuka robotics that have previously been used in robotic automation in the car manufacturing industry and amusement parks rides to pick out a vinyl record and put it under a tonearm and cartridge on a turntable and spin the records without even using the turntable's platter (how efficient).

Here's one gig already taken from a mortal DJ...



  1. At least that would be more interesting to watch than CERTAIN "performers" (oooh... I mean DJs). lol

  2. Yeah, I guess you wont get too many robots in a K-hole calling their recent train-wreck a "great mix."