Sunday, January 4, 2009

Famous Vegetarians

In addition to myself being a vegetarian, here's a list of known famous vegetarians.

Abdul Kalam Dr., President of India and Space Scientist - info
Abraham Lincoln, former President of the United States - info
AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of ISKCON/Hare Krishna - info
Adam Ant, musician - info
Adam Carson, drummer of AFI - info
Adam Russell, bassist of Story of the Year, vegan - info
Adriana Karembeu, model - info
Adriano Celentano, singer - info
Ahmet Zappa, musician and actor - info
Alan Donohue, singer of British rock band The Rakes, vegan - info
Alan Ford, actor, British - info
Alan Park, comedian, Canadian TV Personality - info
Alanis Morissette, singer - info
Albert Einstein, renowned scientist - info
Albert Schweitzer, theologian, philosopher, and physician - info
Alexandra Paul, actress and environmental activist - info
Alice Walker, poet and writer - info
Alicia Silverstone, actress, vegan - info
Alison Lohman, actress - info
Allen Ginsberg, poet - info
Ally Sheedy, actress - info
Alyssa Milano, actress, vegan - info
Amber Benson, actress - info
Amber Valetta, model and actress - info
Amitabh Bachchan, Indian celebrity superstar - info
Amy Ray, musician from Indigo Girls - info
Andre Tonelli, musician and instrumental guitarist, vegan - info
Andre 3000 Benjamin, musician from OutKast, vegan - info
Andrew G, actor, vegan - info
Andrew (Whitey) White, musician and guitarist of Kaiser Chiefs - info
Andy Dick, comedian and actor - info
Andy Hurley, musician and drummer of Fall Out Boy, vegan - info
Andy Serkis, actor - info
Angela Bassett, actress - info
Angie Everhart, model and actress - info
Anna Paquin, actress and Oscar winner of The Piano - info
Annalise Braakensiek, model - info
Anne Hathaway, actress - info
Anoushka Shankar, musician and sitar virtuoso, vegan - info
Antoni Gaudí, architect - info
Anthony Grayling, writer and columnist - info
Anthony Kiedis, singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, vegan - info
Anthony Perkins, actor - info
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, actor (fictional) of Simpsons, vegan - info
Ariana Huffington, writer and polictical activist - info
Aristotle, Greek philosopher - info
Ashley Judd, actress - info
Avril Lavigne, singer and musician - info
Axella Johannesson, folk musician - info
Barbara Bouchet, actress - info
Barry White, musician, vegan - info
Beatrice Wood, artist - info
Belinda Carlisle, singer of the Go-Go's - info
Benjamin Spock, M.D., pediatrician, vegan - info
Benjamin Zephaniah, performance poet and author, vegan - info
Benji Madden, musician and guitarist of Good Charlotte - info
Berkeley Breathed, cartoonist - info
Bernadette Peters, actress - info
Bif Naked, punk rocker, vegan - info
Bill Pearl, bodybuilder - info
Bill Walton, NBA All-Star basketball player - info
Billie Jean King, tennis player - info
Billie Joe Armstrong, musician and singer of Greenday - info
Billy Idol, musician - info
Billy Martin, rock musician of Good Charlotte - info
Billy West, voice actor, vegan - info
Bob Barker, US TV show host - info
Bobby Rock, musician and drummer - info
Bobcat Goldthwait, comedian actor - info
Bonnie Raitt, musician and singer - info
Boy George, singer - info
Brad Pitt, actor - info
Brandon Barnes, musician of Rise Against - info
Brandon Boyd, musician of rock band Incubus - info
Brandy, R&B artist and singer - info
Brendon Urie, lead singer of Panic! at the Disco - info
Brian Bell, musician of Weezer, vegan - info
Brian Fair, singer of Shadows Fall - info
Brian Greene, theoretical physicist, vegan - info
Brian May, musician ex-Queen - info
Brigitte Bardot, French actress - info
Brooke Shields, actress - info
Bryan Adams, singer and songwriter, vegan - info
Bryce Dallas Howard, actress - info
Buddha, Indian Saint and Spiritual Master - info
Candice Bergen, actress - info
Captain Sensible, musician of The Damned - info
Carmen Miranda, Brazilian bombshell - info
Carole Bouquet, French actress - info
Carrie Underwood, country singer - info
Carrie Anne Moss, actress in Matrix trilogy, vegan - info
Casey Affleck, actor, vegan - info
Casey Kasem, US radio host, vegan - info
Catherine Spaak, actress - info
Cathy Guisewaite, writer of the comic CATHY - info
Cedric Bixler-Zavala, singer of The Mars Volta, vegan - info
Cesar Chavez, United Farm Workers union organizer - info
Chantal Coutier, makeup artist - info
Charles Darwin, renowned scientist - info
Charlie Heather, musician and drummer of Levellers - info
Charlie Watts, musician and drummer of Rolling Stones - info
Charlotte Bronte, novelist - info
Charlotte Laws, author, actress - info
Charlotte Ross, actress - info
Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton - info
Chia Collins, founder and COO of Lightlife Foods vegetarian products - info
Chris Evans, actor from Cellular and Fantastic Four - info
Chris Evert, American tennis legend - info
Chris Head, musician and guitarist of Anti-Flag - info
Chris Martin, lead singer and musician of Coldplay - info
Chris No2, musician and bassist of Anti-Flag - info
Chris Pontius, actor on MTV - info
Chris Walla, guitarist of Death Cab for Cutie - info
Chrissie Hynde, rock singer, vegan - info
Christian Bale, actor - info
Christie Brinkley, model - info
Christina Applegate, actress - info
Christopher Amott, musician of Arch Enemy - info
Christopher Hills Dr., doctor who popularized microalgaes - info
Christy Turlington, supermodel - info
Cicely Tyson, actress - info
Cillian Murphy, Irish actor - info
Cindy Jackson, cosmetic surgery pioneer and author - info
Claudia Cardinale, Italian film star - info
Claudia Schiffer, supermodel - info
Clint Walker, actor - info
Coretta Scott King, activist and wife of Martin Luther King Jr., vegan - info
Corey Feldman, actor - info
Crispian Mills, rock musician - info
Dalip Singh Rana, aka "Great Khali", professional Indian wrestler - info
Daman Albarn, singer for Blur - info
Dan Piraro, cartoonist, vegan - info
Dana Daurey, actress - info
Daniel Johns, musician of Silverchair, vegan - info
Daniel Kessler, musician and guitarist of Interpol - info
Danny Garcia, professional skateboarder - info
Danny Nova, singer and songwriter, vegan - info
Darren Boyd, actor, vegan - info
Dario Argento, writer, vegan - info
Daryl Hannah, actress and environmental activist, vegan - info
Dave Gorman, Comedian - info
Davey Havok, singer of AFI, vegan - info
Dean Ornish MD, doctor and author of The Life Choice Diet - info
Deepak Chopra, author and doctor - info
Dennis Kucinich, politician, vegan - info
Dennis Weaver, TV actor - info
Diane Keaton, actress - info
Diane Warren, songwriter - info
Dick Gregory, comedian and civil rights activist - info
Dick Lucas, musician of Subhumans - info
Diogenes, Greek philosopher - info
Dirk Bach, German actor and comedian - info
Dizzie Gillespie, famed jazz musician - info
Doctah B Sirius, music producer and natural health researcher - info
Doris Day, actress - info
Dustin Hoffman, actor - info
Dyan Canyon, actress - info
Ed Asner, actor and rights activist - info
Ed Templeton, professional skateboarder - info
Eddie Jackson, musician of Queensryche - info
Eddie Lama, film maker - info
Eddie Vedder, singer and songwriter of Pearl Jam - info
Edward Furlong, actor - info
Edwin Moses, athlete - info
Elijah Wood, actor, vegan - info
Elizabeth Berkley, actress - info
Ellen Degeneres, TV personality, vegan - info
Elvira Mistress of the Dark, actress - info
Emily Deschanel, actress, vegan - info
Emilie Autumn, musician, vegan - info
Emily Dickinson, writer and poet - info
Emmylou Harris, singer - info
Epicurus, Greek philosopher - info
Eric Johnson, guitarist - info
Eric Roberts, actor, vegan - info
Eric Stoltz, actor - info
Erykah Badu, R&B singer, vegan - info
Fat Mike, musician from NOFX - info
Fiona Apple, singer and songwriter, vegan - info
Forest Whitaker, actor - info
Forrest Kline, vocalist and guitarist for Hellogoodbye, vegan - info
Francis Lalanne, French singer - info
Frank Iero, musician of My Chemical Romance - info
Frank Marino, entertainer and drag queen - info
Franz Kafka, Jewish writer - info
Fred Mascherino, musician of Taking Back Sunday, vegan - info
Fred Schneider, musician of B-52's - info
Gabe Saporta, singer and lyricist of Cobra Starship, vegan - info
Gabrielle Miller, actress, vegan - info
Gandhi, Hindu spiritual leader - info
Gavin Rossdale, singer of BUSH - info
Geoff Rickly, singer of Thursday - info
Geoff Rowley, professional skateboarder, vegan - info
Geoffe Tate, singer of Queensryche - info
George Harrison, musician of the Beatles - info
George Bernard Shaw, writer - info
Gianni Morandi, Italian musician - info
Gillian Anderson, actress - info
Gina Lee Nolin, actress - info
Ginnifer Goodwin, actress, vegan - info
Gloria Swanson, actress - info
Grace Slick, singer and songwriter, vegan - info
Grant Morrison, Scottish comic book writer - info
Greg Cipes, actor and musician, vegan - info
Greg German, actor - info
Gregory Smith, Child Prodigy - info
Gustave Flaubert, French novelist - info
H.G. Wells, English writer - info
Harriet Beecher Stowe, writer - info
Hayden Panettiere, actress - info
Hayley Mills, actress - info
Heather Mills, model, celebrity, and activist, vegan - info
Heather McAdams, author, cartoonist - info
Heather Small, singer, vegan - info
Helen and Scott Nearing, authors of The Good Life - info
Henry David Thoreau, poet and writer - info
Howard Lyman, former cattle rancher turned activist and author , vegan - info
Hunter Burgan, musician and bassist of AFI, vegan - info
Ian MacKaye, musician, vegan - info
Ian McKellan, British actor from Lord of the Rings - info
Immanuel Kant, philosopher - info
India Arie, singer and songwriter - info
Ingrid Newkirk, animal rights activist, vegan - info
Ira Glass, NPR's This American Life - info
Isa Chandra Moskowitz, punk rocker and vegan cookbook author , vegan - info
Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel Prize winner - info
Issa, musician from Good Clean Fun - info
Jack Johnson, singer - info
Jade Puget, guitarist of AFI - info
James Cromwell, actor and animal rights advocate, vegan - info
Jamie Kennedy, comedian and actor - info
Jamie Lee Curtis, actress - info
Jane Goodall, primatologist, educator, and animal rights advocate - info
Jane Wiedlin, musician of the Go-Go's - info
Jared Leto, actor and singer of 30 Seconds to Mars - info
Jason Mraz, singer, vegan - info
Jay Kordich, aka the Juiceman raw foodist - info
JD Fortune, singer of INXS - info
JD Salinger, American novelist - info
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher - info
Jeff Beck, guitarist - info
Jenna Jameson, porn actress - info
Jenny Lewis, singer and composer for Rilo Kiley - info
Jenny Seagrove, actress - info
Jeph Howard, musician and bassist for The Used - info
Jeremy Cunningham, musician and bassist of Levellers - info
Jesus Christ, Christian saint and mystic - info
Jiddu Krishnamurti, spiritual teacher Eastern Indian - info
Joan Armatrading, singer - info
Joan Baez, American folk singer - info
Joan Jett, punk rock musician and singer - info
Joanne Rose, actor, vegan - info
Joaquin Phoenix, actor, vegan - info
Joe Principe, musician of Rise Against - info
Joel, musician of Good Charlotte - info
John Abraham, actor Bollywood - info
John Cleese, British actor and comedian of Monty Python - info
John Maxwell Coetzee, author/novelist - info
John Feldmann, musician of Goldfinger, vegan - info
John Lennon, Beatles singer and songwriter - info
John McDougall Dr., physician and author - info
John Melton, writer and politician - info
John Norris, MTV personality - info
John Peel, British DJ, vegan - info
John Robbins, activist and author, vegan - info
John Robb, musican and actor, vegan - info
John Tesh, TV personality/host - info
John Salley, NBA Champion - info
Johnny Cash, country musician - info
Johnny Marr, guitarist - info
Jon Anderson, musician of Yes - info
Jon Sevink, musician fiddle player of Levellers - info
Jonathan Richman, musician and singer, vegan - info
Jonathan Taylor Thomas, actor - info
Jorja Fox, actress - info
Josh Hartnett, actor - info
Joss Stone, British musician - info
Jovanotti (Lorenzo Cherubini), Italian singer/rapper - info
Julianna Margulies, actress - info
Julie Christie, English actress - info
Justin Sane, singer of Anti-Flag - info
Kal Penn, actor - info
K D Lang, singer, vegan - info
Kate Bush, singer and songwriter - info
Kate Winslet, actress - info
Kathy Johnson, gymnast - info
Keenan Ivory Wayans, actor and comedian - info
Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy Osbourne - info
Kenneth KB Charman, musician of Nonpoint - info
Kevin Nealon, comedian and actor, vegan - info
Killer Kowalski, professional wrestler - info
Kim Basinger, actress - info
Kirk Hammett, musician and guitarist of Metallica - info
Krist Novoselic, musician, bassist for Nirvana - info
Kirsten Johnson, actress - info
Kristen Bell, actress - info
KRS-One, musician Boogey Down Productions rapper - info
Kurt Halsey, artist, vegan - info
Kyle Vincent, singer and songwriter, vegan - info
Lady Bunny, entertainer and drag queen - info
Larry Hagman, actor - info
Larry Mullen Jr, musician of U2 - info
LaToya Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson - info
Laura Nashman, musician - info
Lauren Bush, niece of George W. Bush - info
Leilani Munter, female race car driver - info
Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer and philosopher - info
Leonard Cohen, singer and songwriter - info
Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian painter and inventor, vegan - info
Leona Lewis, British Popstar, vegan- info
Linda Blair, actress, vegan - info
Linda Carter, actress known as Wonder Woman - info
Linda McCartney, cookbook author and wife of Paul McCartney - info
Lindsay Wagner, actress - info
Lisa Bonet, actress - info
Lisa Edelstein, actress - info
Lisa Kudrow, actress - info
Lisa Simpson, fictional cartoon character - info
Lord Byron, writer - info
Lori Petty, actress, vegan - info
Louisa May Alcott, American writer - info
Louise Burns, musician of Lillix - info
Luke Cummo, contender in UFC Ultimate Fighter, vegan - info
Lynda Stoner, actress, animal rights activist, vegan - info
Ma'ari Abul Ala'a al, Arabian poet - info
Mac Danzig, athlete, vegan - info
Marc Lavoine, French singer - info
Marcus Patrick, actor - info
Marcus Schankenberg, supermodel - info
Margi Coleman, singer and producer - info
Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Italian actress - info
Mariana Tosca, actress and activist, vegan - info
Marilu Henner, actress and author - info
Mark Millar, Scottish comic book writer - info
Mark Twain, renowned American writer - info
Martha Plimpton, actress - info
Martin Shaw, actor, vegan - info
Martina Navratilova, tennis player and legend, vegan - info
Marty Feldman, actor and comedian - info
Marv Levy, football coach - info
Mary Shelley, novelist - info
Mary Tyler Moore, actress - info
Masami Akita, musician, vegan - info
Matthew Scully, conservative political speechwriter and author - info
Maurice Maeterlinck, writer - info
Melanie Griffith, actress - info
Melissa Etheridge, musician, singer and songwriter - info
Meredith Baxter, singer - info
Michael Amott, musician and guitarist of Arch Enemys - info
Michael Bolton, singer and songwriter - info
Michael Eisner, entertainment businessman and former Disney CEO - info
Michael Franks, jazz musician - info
Michael Franti, singer of Spearhead, vegan - info
Michael Jackson, singer and The King of Pop - info
Michael Guy Chislett, musician, of The Academy Is... - info
Michael "Mickey" Madden, bassist for Maroon 5, vegan - info
Michel Sardou, French singer - info
Mike Farrell, actor - info
Mike Gordon, musician and bass player of Phish - info
Milo Ventimiglia, actor - info
Mireille Darc, French singer and actress - info
Missy Higgins, Australian singer and songwriter - info
Moby, musician and co-author, vegan - info
Montserrat Caballe, Spainsh opera singer - info
Morrissey, singer, vegan - info
Mr.(Fred) Rogers, TV personality/host and educator - info
Mr. Spock, fictional TV character of Star Trek - info
Naomi Watts, actress - info
Nastassja Kinski, actress - info
Natalie Merchant, songwriter and singer of 10000 Maniacs - info
Natalie Portman, actress - info
Nathalie Baye, French actress - info
Nellie McKay, actress, singer and songwriter, vegan - info
Nelly, rap musician - info
Nick Rhodes, musician of Duran Duran - info
Nico, model, actress - info
Nicole Lapin, Journalist, CNN Anchor, vegan - info
Nikola Tesla, physicist and inventor - info
Nina Hagen, German punk rock singer - info
Noah Wyle and his wife Tracy, actor - info
Nolwenn Leroy, French singer - info
Norman Walker, doctor and longest lived raw foodist - info
Ocean, Indie musician and singer, vegan - info
Oleg Cassini, designer - info
Oliver Stone, American film director - info
Olivia Newton John, Australian singer and songwriter - info
Omar Epps, actor - info
Omar Hakim, singer, writer. and drummer - info
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, musician of The Mars Volta, vegan - info
Orlando Bloom, actor - info
Orlando Jones, actor - info
Ornella Muti, Italian actress - info
Pamela Anderson, actress - info
Pamelyn Ferdin, actress and voice in Charlotte's Web, vegan - info
Paramahansa Yogananda, spiritual teacher and yogi from East India - info
Pat Neshek, professional baseball player, vegan - info
Pat Thetic, musician and drummer of Anti-Flag, vegan - info
Patrick Bauchau, actor - info
Patrick Flanagan, childhood genius and scientist - info
Patrick McDonnell, cartoonist and creator of Mutts - info
Paul McCartney, musician, singer and songwriter, Beatles guitarist - info
Pauly Shore, comedian and actor - info
Percy Bysshe Shelley, writer - info
Persia White, singer and actress, vegan - info
Peter Gabriel, singer and songwriter - info
Peter Max, artist - info
Peter Sellers, actor and comedian - info
Petra Nemcova, model - info
Philip Collen, musician, guitarist of Def Leppard - info
Phil Lesh, musician and bass player of The Grateful Dead - info
Phil Ramone, record producer - info
Phylicia Rashad, actress - info
Pierce Brosnan, actor - info
Pink, American pop singer - info
PJ Harvey, musician, singer and songwriter - info
Plato, Greek philosopher and student of Socrates - info
Plutarch, Greek philosopher - info
Poly Styrene(Marion Elliot), musician of punk rock band X-ray Spex - info
Porphyry, Greek philosopher - info
Prince, musician, singer and songwriter - info
Prince Fielder, professional baseball player - info
Propagandhi Band, political punk rock band Ö all members, vegan - info
Pythagoras of Samos, Greek mathematician of Pythagorean Theorem - info
Quinn Allman, musician ot The Used, vegan - info
Rabindranath Tagore, Eastern Indian philosopher - info
Radha Mitchell, actress - info
Raffi, musician childrens tunes - info
Rainer Maria Rilke, writer - info
Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and poet - info
Ramana Maharshi, Indian Saint and Spirtual Master - info
Richard Gere, actor - info
Richard Thompson, musician and songwriter - info
Richie Havens, musician - info
Rick Allen, musician, drummer of Def Leppard - info
Ricki Lake, TV personality and actress - info
Ricky Williams, professional football player - info
Rider Strong, actor - info
Rikki Rocket, musician and drummer of Poison, vegan - info
Ringo Starr, musician and drummer of Beatles - info
Rita Moreno, actress - info
River Phoenix, actor, vegan - info
Rivers Cuomo, singer of Weezer - info
Rob Zombie, musician and film director - info
Robert Redford, actor and film producer - info
Robin Gibb, musician of Bee Gees, vegan - info
Rosa Parks, civil rights activist - info
Ru Paul, entertainer, drag queen, and activist - info
Ruben Studdard, American Idol singer - info
Russel Simmons, music producer and co-founder Def Records - info
Russell Brand, actor - info
RZA, musician and producer of The Wu-Tang Clan - info
Sade Adu, singer - info
Sadie Frost, ex-wife of Jude Law (formerly vegetarian) - info
Saint Angela Merici Saint - info
Saint David, Christian Welsh Saint, vegan - info
Saint Francesco d'Assisi, Saint - info
Salim Stoudamire, athelete - info
Samantha Eggar, actress - info
Samuel L. Jackson, actor - info
Sandra Bernhardt, comedian and actress - info
Sandra Oh, actress - info
Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, Indian Saint and mystic - info
Sarahbeth Purcell, author - info
Sarah Connor, fictional character from Terminator film - info
Saul Williams, vegan, musician - info
Scott Adams, cartoonist and creator of 'dilbert' - info
Scott Jurek, athlete, vegan - info
Scott Westerfeld, author - info
Seal, singer and songwriter - info
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, actor - info
Sean Conant, actor, vegan - info
Sean Lennon, musician and son of Yoko and John Lennon - info
Seba Johnson, Olympian, actress, and writer, vegan - info
Serenity, actress and porn star - info
Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere, Dr., founder of Universal Great Brotherhood - info
Serj Tankian, musician of System of a Down - info
Shane MacGowan, singer of The Pogues - info
Shane Sweet, actor, vegan - info
Shane Told, musician of Silverstein, vegan - info
Shania Twain, American country singer - info
Shannon Elizabeth, actress - info
Sinead O'Connor, Irish singer, vegan - info
Sir Isaac Newton, physicist - info
Sir Stafford Cripps, British statesman - info
Sky Valencia, model and founder of Vegan Vixens - info
Socrates, Greek philsopher - info
Sonya Fitzpatrick, aka the Pet Psychic - info
Sophie Monk, Australian singer and actress - info
Spike Milligan, comedian - info
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Spriritual leader - info
Stella McCartney, designer and daughter of Paul McCartney - info
Steve Bellamy, tennis coach and founder of The Tennis Channel - info
Steve Freund, Blues musician - info
Steve Howe, musician - info
Steve Kilbey, singer and lyricist of The Church, vegan - info
Steve Perry, musician - info
Steve Vai, musician - info, musician of Dead Prez , vegan - info
Sue Coe, New York City artist - info
Summer Phoenix, actress, vegan - info
Superman/Clark Kent, fictional superhero - info
Supreme Master Ching Hai, Spiritual leader, vegan - info
Susan St. James, actress - info
Susan B. Anthony, women's suffrage pinoeer - info
Suzanne Vega, singer and songwriter - info
Sydne Rome, actress - info
Taran Noah Smith, actor - info
Ted Leo, musician, vegan - info
Terry Geezer Butler, musician of Ozzy Osbourne Band, vegan - info
The Roots, all veg band - info
Thom Yorke, singer of Radiohead, vegan - info
Thomas Alva Edison, renowned inventor - info
Thomas Dekker, actor, vegan - info
Thora Birch, actress - info
Tim Butler, musician of Psychedelic Furs - info
Tim Commerford, musician of Rage Against the Machine, vegan - info
Tim McIlrath, musician of Rise Against, vegan - info
Tobey Maguire, actor, vegan - info
Todd Oldham, American fashion designer - info
Tom Lenk, TV actor of buffy vampire slayer villian - info
Tom Morello, activist and guitarist of Rage Against The Machine - info
Tom Scholz, musician and guitarist for Boston - info
Tommy Lee, musician of Mötley Crüe - info
Tony Gonzales, NFL Star, vegan - info
Tony LaRussa, baseball - info
Tony Levin, musician - info
Tracy Chapman, singer and songwriter - info
Travis Barker, muscian and drummer of Blink 182 - info
Tyrone Willingham, football coach of Notre Dame - info
Uri Geller, actor and trick performer - info
Valerie Harper, actress - info
Valerie Kaprisky, actress - info
Vanessa A. Williams, actress and dancer, vegan - info
Vanna White, actress and TV personality - info
Venkatesh Prasad, Cricketer - info
Victoria Moran, author, vegan - info
Ville Valo, singer - info
Vincent van Gogh, Dutch Post-Impressionist artist - info
Voltaire, French writer and philosopher - info
Wayne Static, singer of the metal group Static-X - info
Weird Al Yankovic, comedian and musician, vegan - info
Wendy Malick, actress of Just Shoot Me - info
Wendy O'Williams, singer of Plasmatics - info
Wendy Turner, artist - info
Willem Dafoe, actor - info
William Blake, writer - info
William Clay Ford Jr., CEO of Ford Motor company - info
Wolfgang Peterson, director - info
Woody Harrelson, actor and environmental activist , vegan - info
Yasmin Le Bon, supermodel - info
Yoko Ono, artist and wife of Beatles John Lennon - info
Zach Blair, musician of Rise Against - info
Zearle, hip hop artist and poet - info
Zooey Deschanel, actress, musician, singer - info

Sometimes rumored to be vegetarians but sometimes not (unproven):

Adolf Hitler, infamous German Nazi dictator - info
Alec Baldwin, actor and animal rights advocate - info
Andy (The Butcher) Mrotek, musician of The Academy is... - info
Annie Lennox, singer and songwriter - info
Anthony Robbins, writer and speaker - info
Audrey Kitching, model - info
Benjamin Franklin, author, politician, and scientist - info
Bill Goldberg, world champion pro wrestler - info
Bill Maher, comedian, and TV personality - info
Bob Dylan, singer, songwriter, and musician - info
Bob Marley, musician and reggae legend - info
Bruce Springsteen, musician, singer and songwriter - info
Carl Lewis, athlete - info
Carlos Santana, musician and guitar player - info
Cheryl Cole, singer of the Girls Aloud - info
Clint Eastwood, actor and film director- info
Common, rapper and hip-hop artist - info
Conor Oberst, musician of Bright Eyes - info
Constance Marie, actress - info
Cyndi Lauper, singer and songwriter - info
Dalai Lama, Spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism - info
Dave Scott, athlete - info
Davy Jones, musician of the Monkees - info
Demi Moore, actress - info
Drew Barrymore, actress - info
Dwight Yoakam, musician and country music singer - info
Ed Begley Jr., actor and environmental activist - info
Elvis Costello, musician, singer and songwriter - info
Faith Hill, musician, country singer - info
Gerard and Mikey Way, musician - info
Gwyneth Paltrow, actress - info
Hank Aaron, baseball athlete - info
Jackie Chan, Hong Kong action actor - info
Janeane Garofalo, actress, comedian, and political commentator - info
Jennifer Connelly, actress - info
Jessica Biel, actress - info
Kate Moss, model - info
Kevin Eubanks, musician of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - info
Kirk Cameron, actor and Christian evangelist - info
Leonardo diCaprio, actor and environmental activist - info
Madonna, pop superstar - info
Meatloaf, singer - info
Michael Stipe, singer of REM - info
Mike Dirnt, musician and bassist of Green Day - info
Paul Newman, actor and entreprenuer - info
Pete Wentz, musician - info
Peter Tork, musician of the Monkees - info
Queen Sofia, Queen of Spain - info
Reese Witherspoon, actress - info
Russell Crowe, actor - info
Steve Martin, actor - info
Steven Jobs, founder of Apple Computers - info
Tea Leoni, actress and wife of David Duchovny - info
Vanessa Amorosi, musician - info
Victoria Beckham, pop star of the Spice Girls and wife of David Beckham - info
William Shatner, actor - info

NOTE: Famous people and celebrities might swing back and forth between vegetarian and non vegetarian diets, and the information on them varies from time-to-time. This page is not intended for serious usage - just have fun with it!


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