Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Oh Crap" ...Marie Osmond Faints on TV

Former sibling pop star turned Mormon mother of 483956267 kids can be seen here on the live broadcast of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" acting extremely over-excited to be on the show, by jumping up and down and acting giddy like a kid, all of a sudden passes out at her partner's feet during some dialogue.

The show cuts to a commercial break and when they come back, they announced that this MILF wakes up and the first words from her mouth are "Oh crap."

Poor thing, probably has her uterus hanging down to her ankles these days, seemed just so happy being there. It was kinda cute until she hit the floor. Odd how the audience laughed at her incident.

1 comment:

  1. at least she is a good trouper, and made fun of the situation. She probably didn't eat before the show and her blood sugar bottomed out.

    can't wait to hear what Donny has to say. She says crap on national television and he calls me an idiot on New York radio. Guess the NO POLYGAMY thing is making the peaceful Mormons a little edgy !