Sunday, October 21, 2007

I am pissed off at the mainstream hip hop fans of the world right now !!!

How the F#ck does R. Kelly get away with the $hit he pulls? And I'm not talking his kiddie sex scandals here. I'm talking about the diarrhea that spews from his mouth. First of all, the man has a nice voice. I gotta give him that. I'm not into the r&b and hip hop scene, but R. and Snoop I always thought have great voices. But that punk-ass Pied-F'n-Piper Kelly is a damn disgrace to society. Wasting a wonderful talent on stupid ass lyrics and themes.

His "music" is not even music. He tries to talk a "story" and the music is always unnoticed in the background. If he wants to be some rebel poet, than go that route and get the hell out of the music industry.

The labels don't care, as long as he makes a few bucks for them. So I can't blame them for living the capitalistic dream. More power to them. Who I blame even more than R. Kelly is the moron's in this world that support this lame art this man is sending to them.

OK, to each his own and "art" is in the eye/ear of the beholder. I'm fine with that and consider myself extremely open-minded in all areas of art, even some extreme and taboo stuff. But NO ONE can honestly say that this song/video has ANY redeeming quality and can even remotely be considered talent: (I'm not even going to embed this video, since I refuse to have it playing within my blog)

I gotta get away from doing sales and start spitting on a mic and sip Patron, smoke expensive Cubans, get away with callin girls bitchez, etc. this is just wrong !!!

Supporters of R. Kelly should all be banished from this planet.

I just had to vent. I feel better now. I'm going to watch some Tay Zonday videos now just to make sure.

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