Sunday, October 21, 2007

one strike against Obama on my scorecard

Being a devout Democrat, I'm still undecided this early in the race on who I have decided on that I want to win. Each of the leading contendor's have their pro's and con's and more debates and some time will work through my decision processing.

Obama just got one strike on him by going south to gain back some of the black voters that Hillary has taken away and has chosen to bring along gay-bashing evangelical singer, Donnie McClurkin, on the road.

For those of you not familiar with Donnie's story, he felt he was gay himself and then he dealt with his struggle with his gay tendencies and vowed to battle "the curse of homosexuality." If you're gay, you're gay moron. It's not a choice and you can't be cured of it. Not matter what bibles you are reading. You are a H-O-M-O. How do you sleep at night knowing you are rebelling against yourself? He only refuses to accept the fact because he was raped by his male family members growing up. Donnie, the church was a good place to go for help, but scientific, psychiatric counseling is what would have really saved you.

The person I want in the Whitehouse will support equal rights for all people and I don't tolerate bigots. Hope Obama changes his mind or does something to make up for this faux pas.

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