Monday, October 29, 2007

World's largest breasts

Maxi Mounds

If it weren't for Maxi, the Guinness Book of World Records wouldn't even have a category for "World's Largest Augmented Breasts." According to, this pioneering porn star fought for-and eventually won-the distinction for her 42M (that's 32 inches under and 60.5 inches around) knockers. Still, Maxi hasn't let the success go to her, ahem, head. On her website,, she writes, "I know I won't hold the record forever but I'm happy that I helped to create the category for me and the other girls to follow in the future." Maxi-who lists her current measurements as 156MMM-26-36-also explains that she has "silly string" implants which continue to grow after implantation.

Norma Stitz

Any girl can get implants, but Norma Stitz's (get it?) low-hanging breasts have been recognized by Guinness as the largest natural breasts in the world. Yep, folks, they're real. According to you might've guessed, Norma's appeared in some, er, films. At the time of her record (1999), Norma's measurements were 70-48-52, with each breast weighing 28 pounds and a 48V bra size. Her breasts now reportedly weigh 35 pounds apiece and measure 72 1/2 inches. In other words, her breasts combined weigh almost as much as an Olsen twin.

source [BodyPhilosophy]

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