Monday, October 29, 2007

World's Largest Penis

Jonah Falcon

New Yorker Jonah Falcon's super-sized penis (9.5 inches flaccid, 13.5 inches erect) has earned him the title of "world's biggest penis." Still with us? According to a Rolling Stone profile, Falcon's been packing heat since he was ten (the same year he lost his virginity).

"Those who have witnessed it describe it as 'grotesque,' 'gorgeous,' 'hideous' and 'stunning,'" reporter Robert Kurson writes. "Falcon, who stands five foot nine, thinks his penis is perfectly formed, with a fifteen-degree downward curvature at the six-inch mark and absent the blotching, lumpiness and sudden bends that mark some oversize sex organs. A penis this size functions, physiologically, like any other, according to urologists, a claim substantiated by Falcon. His balls are proportionately huge, each the size of a grade-A jumbo egg. When erect, Falcon's penis generates enough heat to warm hands -- campfire style -- from a distance of six inches."

While one would think that a million women would love a large lover and fireplace in one, The Sun reports that Falcon hasn't had a girlfriend in a decade and feels that his girth is a curse.

"When I meet people they find it hard to look me in the eye, they just see what's in my trousers," Falcon told the paper. "I just want to find a steady girlfriend who doesn't think I'm a freak show."

source [BodyPhilosophy]

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