Saturday, November 3, 2007

my dog's smarter than your dog... plus many other fun things to know about cats and dogs

Fantastic article in today's edition of the Daily Mail (UK) comparing facts on cats and dogs. Click the article to read them all, but here are some highlights:

The ten brightest breeds of dog (ranked according to their ability to understand new commands in fewer than five repetitions and to obey first commands 95 per cent of the time or better) are:
1 Border Collie;
2 Poodle;
3 German Shepherd;
4 Golden Retriever;
5 Doberman Pinscher;
6 Shetland Sheepdog;
7 Labrador Retriever;
8 Papillon;
9 Rottweiler;
10 Australian Cattle Dog.

The ten least bright breeds (ranked in descending order of ability to understand new commands, even after hundreds of repetitions) are:
1 Basset Hound;
2 Mastiff;
3 Beagle;
4 Pekingese;
5 Bloodhound;
6 Borzoi;
7 Chow Chow;
8 Bulldog;
9 Basenji;
10 Afghan Hound.

A dog's barks last, on average, for 0.2 seconds each. A Beagle was once recorded barking 907 times in ten minutes. Some dogs are more likely than others to be guilty of excessive barking. Highest-ranking breeds:
Yorkshire Terrier,
Cairn Terrier,
Miniature Schnauzer,
West Highland White Terrier,
Fox Terrier,

Lowest-ranking breeds:
Golden Retriever,

Cats are highly promiscuous. Male cats aren't fussy about who they mate with. One study of the sexual activity of male cats found some were capable of having sex ten times in an hour. (sounds like some male people I know)

Dogs can smell human fingerprints that are a week old. Their noses are so sensitive that they can even smell electricity. While conducting an experiment, a researcher found that a dog could smell which of two boxes contained an electric current. He concluded this was because the charge resulted in the release of tiny amounts of ozone that the dog could detect. The source of the dog's exceptional ability to smell is its wet snout.

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