Monday, December 3, 2007

Female Inmate Bikini Fashion Show Gets Busted Up

Three jailers have been fired and one suspended for encouraging female inmates who put on a mock fashion show that included a bikini made from a sweatshirt.

"They used their prison uniforms and anything else for the fashion show," sheriff's office administrator Larry Lowman said of the ten Bedford County Jail inmates who participated.

Alma Cantu watched the inmates through a large security window while three male guards — Steven Qualls, Jason Carden and Jamie Farris — watched them on security monitors, Lowman and Sheriff Randall Boyce said.

"There were some remarks made over the intercom into that [cell] block," Lowman said. "One of the guards asked a particular female to blow into the speaker ... box of the intercom [which doubles as a microphone] and as she did, he put his microphone down to his crotch."

One of the guards also took pictures with a cell phone camera but later deleted them, he said.

Farris later reported the incident and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation looked into it. There was no physical contact between the guards and inmates during the Nov. 11 incident, officials said.

Farris was suspended for about three weeks while the other three jailers were fired.

"It was their job to stop it and not socialize with the inmates," Boyce said.

The inmates involved had their privileges revoked. That includes duties at the senior citizens center, in the sheriff's offices, the jail and jail kitchen as well as work release opportunities.

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