Tuesday, December 4, 2007

will Jermaine Dupri just shut the F up !!!

Janet Jackson's troll of a fuck-buddy is trying to hold her back from doing what would be one of the most incredible media events in ages. A full family Jacksons reunion tour, including Michael and all his brothers. This report from today's NY Post says she is probably going to pass on it other than a few select shows:

EVERY member of the Jackson family - Michael included - is trying to put together a 40-city world tour. Except, that is, for Janet Jackson. A music industry insider told Page Six, "Janet said she would be willing to participate in a few select shows next year, but [her fiancé] Jermaine Dupri is holding her out of it. He wants Janet to go back in the studio and record another album, and he's also wary of having her be associated with Michael because he's gotten such bad press and is just freaky."
Source [NYPost]

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