Thursday, December 20, 2007

Janet Jackson new album Discipline in stores Feb 26, 2008

Spyder's Random Things can confirm officially that Feb. 26, 2008 is the offical release date for Janet's new album. Perez is posting that it is Feb. 25 (which might be correct for Europe but U.S. works on Tuesday streetdates and Europe is on Mondays). But Spyder's Random Things has the official U.S. label info. as seen in this picture below:

If you have not yet heard her amazing Rodney Jerkins-produced debut single, "Feedback", from Island Def Jam, check it out

previously reported, Feedback is blowing up on radio and I am certain you will be hearing a LOT of this future hit track.

UPDATE: Perez now updated the correct date on his website. Ha. He must have read the post here.

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