Saturday, December 29, 2007

this is a LOT of Bull (with a beefy bonus)

These 2 beefy bulls are headed to become the largest bulls in the UK.

Here is six-year-old Crease. When he was last weighed more than a year ago he was an incredible 3,220lbs, well over twice that of an average bull - and he is still growing.
Here is The Field Marshall. He already weighs 3,000lbs and is set to pile on another 650lbs in the next year alone. The Field Marshall stands 6ft 3ins tall and is twice as heavy and 8ins higher than the average bull or bullock.
Neither of the animals will stop growing until they are eight-years-old - both are the bovine equivalent of teenagers. Neither Crease nor The Field Marshall are due for slaughter as both are kept as pets. Both of the animals have been castrated and so cannot be used for breeding.

Wendy's famous "Where's The Beef?" TV commercial. First aired on January 10, 1984. Featuring Clara Peller. The ad itself is actually titled "Fluffy Bun" but most people know it by the infamous catchphrase. This was Clara's first acting job (at the age of 81). Clara was fired from the Wendy's ads after she did a spaghetti sauce commercial for Prego, in which she exclaimed "I found it!" (in answer to the question "Where's the beef?"). She died shortly after in 1987.

7" Vinyl (Awesome Records)
released: 1984
Coyote McCloud & Clara Peller - Where's The Beef? (mp3s)

Side A: Where's The Beef? (3:08)

Side B: Where's The Beef? (Instrumental) (3:10)

Source [Telegraph]

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