Friday, December 7, 2007

Website Of The Week: TITTYSHAKERS Home Of The Sleazy Sound

NO, it's not any kinda porn site. No it's not some unearthed Russ Meyer flick. But it is about "sleaze." Greasy rhythm'n'blues, grinding soul, hot rod and surf instrumentals, nasty rock'n'roll or some 60's burlesque sounds. That is TITTYSHAKER.

The sound? Well fundamentally it is as the name implies, any form of music that makes you want to tear off your shirt and shake your titties, spinning the nipple tassels you are naturally wearing underneath your garments like the blades on a helicopter. Typically you will be grinding to the frantic beat doing the ‘Monkey’ or the ‘Dog' or the 'Shing-a-ling' or the 'Push and Pull' ... whatever dance steps that takes you really.

Check out
TITTYSHAKERS and groove to the samples on the Jukebox page

I have been a huge fan of "sleaze" (music that is, you freaks) from the 50's through today. The disco-era sleaze being some of my favorites (that will be a special, highlighted, upcoming post for this blog). The Tittyshaker music is right up there as well recapturing the aura of the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Las Vegas grind scene and the low-budget early sexploitation films. It makes you see visions of girls in white leather go-go boots and a bad wig pole-dancing in some smoky bar (hmmm.. sounds like a recent Britney video to me....eeeep).

Click here to listen to Crawlin'

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