Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Adele - 19 (new album) coming soon

Hottest new singer from the UK, Adele, which we previously posted on, is destined to go #1 in the UK when her debut album drops in a couple of weeks. So this means no one in the US will catch on to her until next year. =(

Her album, 19, is due in stores (in Europe) on January 28, 2008 on XL Recordings. Make sure you BUY her album. Amazon in the US has it at an insane price of $44.99 as an import. Shop around or buy direct from the UK for hopefully a better price.

Picture sleeves from her previously released (and VERY Limited) 7" vinyl single
Hometown Glory (released 22 October 2007) and her forthcoming Limited Edition 7" vinyl single, Chasing Pavements (to be released 21 January 2008):


  1. I love how you did this post with the myspace player and all the pics. Very cool! Cannot wait to hear Adele's full CD...


  2. you are very incorrect my friend. I am in Dallas, Texas and I've caught on and begun to share with almost everyone I know about the wonders that is Adele. I just wish it'd come out here in the states at the same time :(