Thursday, January 24, 2008

Masters At Work return to Ministry Of Sound nightclub... with CD's and Serato

Learning from the Master

Masters at Work - Kenny Dope Gonzales and Little Louie Vega

GRAMMY Award-winning duo Masters at Work make their first joint appearance at Ministry of Sound for five years on Saturday.

Kenny Dope Gonzales and Little Louie Vega,(pictured) will play a six-hour set in the main room at a massive, one-off Soul Heaven party.

They'll be joined by Phil Asher, with Neil Pierce, Andy Ward, Aaron Ross and DJ Rupert in the bar room.

We caught up with Louie ahead of the event and heard his thoughts on the state of the house scene.

MT: Who do you think is setting the standards now and who will be big this year?

LLV: Henrik Schwarz, Dennis Ferrer, Ame, Mr V, Alix Alvarez, Frank Roger, Joe Clausell. This crew are coming up with some really crazy things. Then on a more mainstream level, Bob Sinclar and Martin Solveig.

Describe what your sound is when you play out.

It's hard because a lot of people would say Latin, but its not all Latin, It goes from diva vocals to soul music, to Brazilian music to jazz music, to minimal tracks that I have done.

You've never been one to follow trends, though. Is it a case of playing what makes you feel good?

Exactly, things will stand out. If you like them you like them, if you don't you don't. I play music that I feel moves me, music that gives me chills. It's how you play the particular song - you can see the reaction from the people, how you bring it in, what you do to create a dynamic. You can make a crowd sing a song just by the way you are playing it. I'm proud and honoured to be able to do that, whether it's a DJ or a person on the dance floor.

Music is in a transitional stage. How is it changing for you? Is it getting better or worse?

Obviously, vinyl had a great run, and now it's becoming more of a purist thing. With my releases at Vega Records we still take care of the vinyl fans. That's something that is close to my heart because I am a DJ and I still collect vinyl, even though I play CDs when I'm travelling.

Do you play from laptop as well?

I have Serrato (DJ mixing software) as well so I can do either. The laptop is great because you get to carry tons of music. It's a good time for independents and small labels because you get to sell your tracks digitally around the world from different digital stores. You can promote through the internet, you can sell your records without having to invest tons of money in marketing and production. At least you can get a start.

Are you saying it's better at the moment?

It has its better side and its worse side. It is not easy for an independent label to survive, you have to be very consistent and make good music.

The best thing is that nobody can stop me making music. I make tons of music, I always have ideas, my mind is always fresh full of them as I am travelling around the world. We can almost control our destiny because we are creating the music and finding the new talent. That's what I have dedicated Vega Records to finding new talent.

Soul Heaven with Masters At Work is on Saturday at Ministry of Sound, Gaunt Street, SE1. 11pm - 7am.

Tickets are £20 in advance from For info and guest list, email More information at

Source [BD Recorder]

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