Saturday, January 26, 2008

URP Music Distributors - New Vinyl 12"/LP Distributor Announcement

United Record Pressing, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is now setting up a new vinyl distribution division.

Our new company is URP Music Distributors. Contact information is below.

We are just getting set up now and have a lot to do this week and we will advise our customers everything we will be offering very soon. Our official new start date is February 1, 2008.

I will be working out of a Florida-based sales office. Pressing facilities and warehouse will be in Nashville.

Also, if you need some vinyl pressed up, let me know. Since we are now owned by a pressing plant, we can possibly get your own label pressed up. Please make sure you own the rights to the music and it has no samples or you have sample clearance.

Get ready – Vinyl is Alive Again !!

Best regards,

Sales & Marketing Manager
URP Music Distributors

ph: 1-615-823-7598
ph (toll-free in U.S.): 1-866-252-3520
fax: 1-615-301-9899


  1. Word to Big Bird! Nice shizzle! Great new MON! Fill me in on the details as you get them. That's awesome!!!!!!!

    Also, I will be 'entering' your DM box set contest just as soon as I can find that damn email you sent me with the instructions on how to do that link shit. Or am I exempt? I'm terrible!!

  2. I just set up a new blog: