Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here was my letter that I had sent out this afternoon to all my customers, vendors, etc. regarding today's closing of Unique Distribution:

Dear friends,

It's with much sadness that after 27 years of business, Unique Distribution and Hot Grooves have to say farewell to you and thank you SO much for your ever-ending support throughout the years, but today was our last day of business.

I have been with the company for over 12 years and have dedicated my life to this (as many of you have noticed from my countless emails I send 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays) and will miss my job very much. I will also miss having the relationship I have with you, or have had with you in the past. We had some wonderful times.

Unique has fought to keep vinyl alive, but due to the current state of the music industry, there has been shrinkage worldwide for the format of music we so adored.

If you have any concerns regarding Unique business; payments, receivables, shipments, etc., I apologize, but I will be unable to assist you. I am currently unemployed and would highly appreciate any opportunities that any of you might have to offer me. My Unique phone number and email will be disconnected soon, so please contact me through my personal information below. Again, I am unable to assist you with anything regarding Unique, so please refrain from contacting me on those matters.

Unique was much more than a job to me, it was my life. I lived and breathed Unique and everything related to the company. I made many new friends and many I consider my family. I hope one day we can all meet up together and have a drink.

Fond farewell and best wishes to you all.

Best Regards,

Sales Manager
Florida Sales Office
Unique Distributors / Hot Grooves Digital Marketing
entertainment is our business - since 1980

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  1. Hi Spyder,

    I was very surprised to hear that Unique closed on thursday as I was dealing with you and many more sales persons for a very long period. I've been in the same situation with Rhythm Import and hope that you will find something new very soon. Please send me your personal information:
    kind regards

  2. caught me off guard but i guess this explains a lot of things w/ the way unique was doing business recently.. very sad, best of luck to everyone at unique in the future

  3. I saw the Vinyl game changing 10 years ago when the Internet and digital distribution started. I have been in the vinyl came for over 20 years and this is a very sad thing. Vinyl will always be around but as oil prices go up and vinyl plants shut, just like the major labels there will be only a few players left.

    Ian S

  4. Hey Ian,

    Long time no speak. Hope all is well

    The game is NOT over !!

    Expect me to make a new, formal announcement today or sometime next week.