Monday, March 10, 2008

Ringo Starr... a bit fed-up with The Beatles

When I first read the headline which essentially said 'Ringo Starr says he’s “fed up” with The Beatles', I thought 'I bet it's just his voice... he always sounds a bit fed-up.' Anyway, turns out that he is a bit fed-up as people only know him from his Fabs stuff.

Ringo believes the Fab Four’s enduring fame means his other subsequent achievements are sadly overlooked. He moans, “Some days I'm just fed up with The Beatles. I think that when when I die, the message on my tombstone will be 'Ex-Beatle'. Like I've done nothing else."

So what else could he have on his tombstone? Voice of Thomas the Tank Engine? Star of a couple of films lies here? Yasser Arafat Lookalike RIP? C'mon Ring', I know it must get tired but look at those big ol' houses the Beatle fans bought you... gizza grin! Click over for a non-Beatle Ringo videos...

Here's Ringo selling pizza with The Monkees

and here's "Ringo" making some toast...

And finally, Ringo's best solo single, It Don't Come Easy...

Source [Electric Roulette]

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