Monday, April 21, 2008

'Little boy' hopes to beat top DJs

Thirteen-year-old Ashton Singh is making history in the music industry as the youngest participant in the Battle of the DJs, competing with youngsters five years older than him.

Ashton, who is popularly known as DJ Ace, said he was looking forward to the competition and was hoping to win the judges over with some good music.

The Grade 8 pupil at Just Juniors Academy in Mount Edgecombe said he started DJing at the age of 10. Three years later, he was wooing crowds at supper clubs.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Devan, a popular Durban DJ, Ashton said he picked up the skill by watching his dad.

"My dad would let me set up his music equipment. That is how I developed an interest in DJing," he said. "I watched him at work. This impressed me and gave me the inspiration to try to do the same. So one day he let me and I enjoyed it.

"DJs blend different types of music in a way that they complement each other and sound good."

His favourite type of music is rhythm and blues and he likes listening to T Pain, Akon and Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Last May, Ashton entertained patrons at a supper club in Umhlanga when he turned up as the guest DJ.

"It was a gift to my mom on Mother's Day. She was just as surprised as the rest of the people in the restaurant," said Ashton. "People were amazed to see a 'little boy' behind the turntables. But it is a lot of fun and I enjoy the hobby.

"I love music and this is an opportunity for me to turn up the volume without my parents shouting at me."

Ashton said he enjoys playing cricket and soccer almost as much as listening to music. He does not plan to make DJing a profession when he grows up, but his dad said he would like to hear his son on radio some day.

"I think he has a lot of talent, and I am certain he will do well," Devan said. "He is still very young and does get a bit nervous, but after a while he handles the music just fine. Ashton has inspired his friends and they too are now curious to learn more about DJing."

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