Wednesday, July 9, 2008

HoffSpace to Outdo Facebook and MySpace

David Hasselhoff Social Network

Now don't pretend you didn't hear me !!

David Hasselhoff has debuted his very own social network at Affectionately dubbed "Hoffspace" by the Hoff himself on his Hoffblog, the site will finally offer Hoff heads a place to congregate, share music, and ponder such pressing questions as, "If the Hoff were a god, what would he do first?" ("I reckon the Hoff would grant everyone a Trans Am," speculates one Hoffspace user). Sign up (don't bother to send me a Hoff Request, as I am never going to visit again).

He already has 9337 members with my membership. This site is on FIRE !!

[New York Mag]

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