Saturday, September 13, 2008

Portable Partying

The cool-ass tech-geek blog, Gizmodo, presented some hot, portable party gadgets.

The interactive machine International Dance Party is a complete plug 'n' play party in a box.

The machine comes as a large, non-suspicious looking flightcase. Internally, it is equipped with cutting edge radar sensing technology, an ear blasting state of the art 600W sound system, tons of psychedelic light and laser effects, and even a professional grade fog machine.

Through its dance activity radar, the International Dance Party detects and evaluates motion input from surrounding people in realtime. Several sophisticated transforming mechanisms let the flightcase turn into a powerful and boosting party machine, once the visitors start to dance within the machine's range of perception.

The audience controls the complexity of the generated music and the intensity of the light effects directly by the energy of its dance action. When there is no audience, or when the audience is not active enough, the machine stops its performance and transforms back into a transport crate.


Porta-Party, 2007

The Porta Party project puts a fun spin on the port-a-potty concept by changing the exterior to resemble an iPod and replacing the toilet with an iPod dock and a disco ball. A word of warning though—if things get out of hand, partygoers may become confused in a drunken stupor and use this thing in horrifying ways. Make sure to have a mop handy.

If you walk around with a party going on inside your head and your just too shy to bust a move in public. Or if you like partying but hate people. Your prayers have been answered.
The "porta-party" is the place you can relieve your need to party it up. Just go inside and plug in.
Is this a statement about isolation or just a fun place to make out and do other scandalous activities?
Who knows, what I do know is it's available for rent at your next party.

The DJ Mobile

The idea from Dutch artist, Olaf Mooij, tricked for the DJ Mobile is inspired by the song "God is a DJ" [from Faithless] and the car of our HOLY-POPE.
These two things were mixed together and there it was the DJ Mobile.
The DJ Mobile is a functional artwork with a PA System built in.
It can be used for a lot of different events.

Then the GAYEST party favor EVER !!! I want one the next time I go raving (ha... not likely)

Glitter Gun

Regardless of the fact we here in Britain are lacking in cowboy history, as kids, it was still a tradition to don the make-believe stetson and grab your invisible six-shooter for a game of The Magnificent Seven.
It's time to recreate your childhood with a touch of sparkling reality!

Great for any party, the Glitter Gun is a simple small hand-held device that fires bursts of glitter! Simply pull the trigger and a shower of confetti shoots out the end.

It's crazy cheap too ... £3.99

With the Glitter Gun, I can throw out my Bedazzler as my prized homo possession.

For more portable partying gadgets, check out Gizmodo

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