Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unusual Names for Real Places in the World

There are many lists like this on the web, but many include non-verified locations and perhaps some fake photos. Therefore, I am including with each picture, a link to a map or the geographic location and/or a legitimate website that will confirm the location exists.

Keep in mind that these names are interesting in the English language.

Accident, Maryland [map / site]

Anus, France [map / site]

Assawoman, Virginia [map / site]

Asse, Belgium [map / site]

Bald Knob, Arkansas [map / site]

Bat Cave, North Carolina [map / site]

Beaver Lick, Kentucky [map]

Big Bone Lick, Kentucky [map / site]

Blue Ball, Pennsylvania [map / site]

Boring, Oregon [map / site]

Brest, France [map / site]

Butthole Lane
, Leicestershire, UK [map / site]

Chicken, Alaska [map / site]

Climax, Minnesota [map / site]

Climax, Michigan [map /site]

Clit, Romania [map / site]

Cocking, West Sussex, England [map / site]

Cocks, Cornwall, UK [map]

Colon, Michigan [map / site]

Condom, France [map / site]

Crackpot, North Yorkshire, England [map]

Crotch Lake, Ontario, Canada [map / site]

Cumming Street and Seaman Ave, New York City [map]

Cunter, Switzerland [map / site]

Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada [map / site]

Ding Dong, Texas [map / site]

Feces, Spain [map / site]

Fucking, Austria [map / site]

Hard, Austria [map / site]

, Michigan [map / site]

Hell, Norway [map / site]

Ho, Ghana [map / site]

Hooker, Oklahoma [map / site]
the mayor of this city is named Rod

HornĂ­ Police, Czech Republic [map / site]

Intercourse, Pennsylvania [map / site]

Kissing, Germany [map / site]

Knob Lick, Missouri [map / site]

Licking, Missouri [map / site]

Lover, Wiltshire, England [map / site]

Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky [map / site]

Muff, Ireland [map / site]
and YES, they do have a Diving Club (second link)

Nasty, Hertfordshire, England [map / site]

North, South Carolina [map / site]

Nothing, Arizona [map / site]

Puke, Albania [map / site]

Pussy, France [map / site]

Rough And Ready, California [map / site]

Sandy Balls, Hampshire, England [map / site]

Spread Eagle, Wisconsin [map / site]

Titz, Germany [map / site]

Twatt, Orkney, Scotland [map / site]

Two Egg, Florida [map / site]

Virgin, Utah [map / site]

Virginville, Pennsylvania [map / site]

Wank, Germany [map / site]

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