Saturday, October 25, 2008

MONOPOLY: The Beatles Collector’s Edition

USAopoly, the company that puts out all those specialized versions of the classic game Monopoly, has added the Beatles Collector's Edition to their line.

In this version, instead of buying properties, you are purchasing the various Beatles albums. Every one of the Beatles albums are represented on the board, from Please Please Me to Abbey Road.

There's no money in the Beatles' Monopoly world. Everything is purchased with "Love" (as in the song The End, "The love you take is equal to the love you least that's what the product description says).

For tokens, there are various items that relate to Beatles songs, including Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Strawberry Fields Forever or I Am the Walrus.

The designers used both in-house and outside Beatles fans to give the game the best possible flavor. Maggie Matthews, VP of Marketing, said "We consulted with an array of Beatles fans outside the company to create what we hope is the most compelling execution of the game -- while staying within certain parameters that Hasbro requires, such as leaving the four corner squares of the original game board untouched."

See more about the game at the USAopoly website.

[Vintage Vinyl News]

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