Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Need a new Turntable Cartridge ... that costs as much as some people's cars?


Item Number: AIRTPC1S
Brand/Label/Format: *AIR TIGHT*
Unit Price: $8,999.99
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The Air Tight PC-1 Supreme offers an astounding inner impedance as low as 1 ohm. To make this possible, on top of the epoch-moking SH-uX, Air Tight employed thicker wires, succeeding in reducing winding number in the coil by as much as 40%.

"As good as the AT PC-1 is, this new, considerbly pricier moving-coil cartridge from Air Tight is substantially better. Like the PC-1, the Supreme is a model of low internal impedance and high energy. Killer good on transients top to bottom, with phenomenal grip and definition in the low bass, it is also exceptionally lifelike in the midband, with even more of the gorgeous density of tone color, high resolution, and superior soundtaging that made the PC-1 one of JV's (Jonathan Valin) mc references. A top contender for best mc." - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, October 2008 Issue 185, page 92

Further advantages achieved include:
• Expansion of reproduction bandwith
• Extension of dynamic range
• Improvement of transient characteristics
• Bettermnet of phase characteristics (smaller phase shift)

In terms of playback music, expansion of both the bandwidth and dynamic range provides clearer, life-like soundstage presentation, whilst improvement in transient and phanse characteristics makes it possible to seperate ultra heavy bass range and to offer higher resolution in orchestral performance, making it possible to distinguish individual instruments.

The Air Tight PC-1 Supreme steps forward to the perfection of the theses "High Energy Output and Low Impedance." These two inconsistent themes were made successfully compatible thanks to the acclaimed SH-uX core material and the lowest turning number in coil windings.

SH-uX core offering ultra Hi-Bs & ultra Hi-u:
Suprisingly high performance magnetic circuitry composed of the newly developed core realised, in an optimum combination with the maximum reduction in coil windings, an unprecedentedly high-efficiency energy output: 0.4mV output voltage under 1ohm inner resistance.

Semi-line contact stylus:
Microscopic .1mm-square diamond tip featuring 3 x 30um semi-line contact stylus offers a superb trackability with remarkable abatement of tracing distortion.

Boron cantilever:
The step-taper holding structure by duralmin pipe assures tight, stable support of the cantilever made of pure boron.

Thick wire & lead-free solder:
Unusually thick coil wire notably lowers inner loss conjointly with minimisation of coil windings given by the SH-uX core material, and particularly for sonic excellence newly employed is the lead-free silver solder.

PC-1 Supreme Specifications:
Type: Ultra-low impedance MC cartridge
Output Voltage: 0.4mV/1kHz
Magnet: Neodymium #50
Channel balance: within 0.5dB (1kHz)
Weight: 12g
Frequency response: 10-50.000Hz
Inner impedance: 1 ohms (DCR)
Stylus pressure: 1.9-2.2g
Crosstalk: more than 30dB (1kHz)
Plating: Gold

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