Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do you "tweet" on Twitter?

I've cut back on my social networking sites, like Facebook and especially MySpace recently. MySpace is just too much junk and spam. Facebook has all those annoying "apps" that are useless wastes of time (and now MySpace is adding them too). I guess those sites would be cool if I was a 17 year old single girl with pimples who has no friends, but that's not me.

Twitter is a micro-blogging internet social network that's only been around for around 2 years and has received massive attention lately. Some of the biggest corporations, famous celebrities, politicians (including President-Elect Barack Obama), Los Angeles Fire Department, NASA, CNN, BBC, Prime Minister of England, various universities, etc. are now tweeting on Twitter. They claim over 5 million users as of this past September.

What it is a micro-blogging site where you can leave a text-only posting of up to 140 characters/spaces to update your friends and readers on what you are currently doing. Your updates, or "tweets", can be read either via SMS (your cellphone), RSS (your blog readers), via emails or the Twitter homepage. There are also third-party tweet-readers.

The key intention on Twitter was to keep the updates concise. This way you are not burdened with lengthy postings from friends or posts that are filled with HTML, pictures, videos, etc.

Granted, you can probably care less if your co-worker is about to sit down and have a bologna sandwich for lunch, but if you want to send updates like that, or one's that have more value to a group of your friends, instead of text-messaging the same message to everyone, now you can just send them a message with Twitter.

With the help of Twitter, crucial news and information was transmitted across the internet when the Los Angeles fires broke out, the Virgina Tech shootings took place, when a California college student got arrested in Egypt,

Let me know if you have used Twitter and why you like it.

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