Sunday, December 7, 2008

Is That It? All You People Want, Is To Use Me For SEX??

Spyder's Random Things has a decent following and I thank everyone who stops in to see what I post. We do average 100-300 unique visitors on an average day. We have around 50 known subscribers. For those who don't know, you can subscribe to my posts, either for your blog reader (I prefer Google Reader) or you can get a daily email with all the posts for each day in one single email at the end of the day. It's kinda cool.

Of course we also get a lot of people visiting here from doing various searches on Google (or other search engines) and I sometimes laugh over the terms people search for that end up bringing here to this blog.

Other than the tons of normal ones (mostly music related) there are the assorted not-so-usual searches that bring people here and I wanted to share with you some searches people used within the past 24 hours and found Spyder's Random Things blog:

Search for "usb software controlled sex toys for men"
Search for "trans am hot chick weed"
Search for "spyder sex"
Search for "sex with random things"
Search for "motorized dildo pole sex toy"
Search for "audio "handjob""
Search for "gas powered vibrator"

Leave a comment and let me know how you found this post.

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